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Catch-Up TV now available...

On Demand Services

In the UK, Sky, Freesat digiboxes and Smart TV/devices have the ability to look at "On Demand" or "Catch Up" TV by connection to the internet.

However up until now, this service would not work in France as the UK broadcasters would not let you connect to their services without a UK I.P. address (the address your computer uses to connect to the internet) 

This new Plug and Play WiFi VPN Router can get round this:

VPN Router     

This VPN Router connects to your current Livebox or router, and no changes need to be made.  

Supplied already set up, all you need to do is to connect your satellite box or Smart TV/device to it, and there you go! 

Please note that this system works with Sky+HD boxes with subscription, compatible Freesat boxes, Smart TVs, tablets, computers, smartphones etc.  

The cables for the connections are 2mtrs long, so ideally the VPN Router needs to be within this distance. If it is further away, then you can either use Liveplugs to send the signal through your household wiring or, if your device supports it, connect via wifi.

Live Plug


There is a quarterly subscription for this service -  minimum contract period is 12 months.

You need to have an Internet connection for this to work, and unless you have unlimited downloads it will be counted against your provider's monthly usage limits.  For non-Sky devices, a minimum download speed of 6Mpbs is required for streaming the service.

Equipment may differ from that shown

For further information or to check the compatibility of your current equipment click here to contact us