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Zone 1 & 2 - European satellite dish
European satellite dish
The Zone 1 dish – suitable for use in Northern Europe

Smart design

Less obtrusive than the white dishes
Minimal or no picture break-up in bad weather conditions
12 Months in home warranty (see guarantee)
Actual dish may vary depending on stock held
(none of our dishes have logos! (except broadband dishes))

Latest Technology

Flat Panel satellite dish


The flat panel dish is the latest development in digital receiving and is ideal to use when a normal dish is not allowed or not desired on your property

It measures approximately 45cm by 15 cm and has a super high signal collection rate

Available now with two or four outputs for use with Sky+ HD, Freesat HDR, standard receivers or a combination of these.

Quad LNB

quad LNB

The Quad LNB enables you to connect up to 4 separate receivers to one dish
Watch different programmes in different rooms at the same time (using 2 or more digiboxes)
Less obtrusive than 2 or more satellite dishes on your house

Octo LNB

octo LNB

The Octo LNB enables you to connect up to 8 separate receivers to one dish or upto 4 Sky+ boxes.
Watch different programmes in different rooms at the same time (using 2 or more digiboxes)
Less obtrusive than 2 or more satellite dishes on your house

Caravan / Campingcar / Boat Self seeking flat panel

Self-seeking Panel

The Snipe self-seeking flat panel system is designed for use when the vehicle is not moving. This makes it ideal for caravanners, motorcaravanners and boaters who just want to switch on their satellite TV system, sit back and relax.

The ideal functional and affordable Fully Automatic Satellite kit, for use whilst away in your caravan, motorhome or boat.  The Snipe is a small and very discreet fully auto-locking satellite TV antenna. Specifically designed for outdoor use to give you the best possible performance, the Snipe gives you excellent coverage due to the state-of-the-art element design which is equivalent to a 65cm dish.  Further to this, with the built in GPS, it is able to detect your location and auto-skew the element to give you the best possible gain for your position.  The easy to use remote control allows you to see all of the satellite parameters to ensure optimum performance.  Sit back and enjoy the TV you love at home even faster when away on holiday.

It is incredibly easy to use and even installation is quite within the capabilities of any competent handyman. With just one cable to connect to the controller.  There is a fitting plate available for motorhomes.

The system runs on either 12V, 24V or mains supply.

It can pick up TV & radio from SKY / Freesat & other broadcasters all over Europe

We recommend this model when height is an important factor

Importantly, some Freesat HD receivers run from a 12volt supply!

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What Channels...

Sky Channels

Currently all of the BBC & ITV channels, Sky News & CNN are available to watch without subscription.

BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Live, World Service, Virgin Radio, Classic FM and many more with superb digital quality.

For full list of Free to View channels click here